E-Services and Productivity

Services are presently recognized as a source of productivity growth and dynamism in the economy. However, in the public sector, these productivity improvements enabled by services are not easy to recognize. On the contrary, negative productivity effects related to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) investments have been reported. In this paper, we first consider how ICT changes services and how the productivity effects of these changes can be evaluated. Then, we analyze two cases, the Finnish Tax Administration and the Helsinki Central University Hospital Stroke Unit, and draw conclusions about the ICT investments and productivity. Continue reading

Developing a Real-Time Data Acquisition System for Automatic Process Measurement

As the population aging is a global and unalterable trend, and the whole society is lacking of productive workforce to provide healthcare services, there is a pressure to develop smart services to support the elderly persons live a more independent life and improve the quality of open healthcare. This paper combines together the concepts of smart living environment and process management, we discuss a novel method called automatic process measurement that uses wireless technologies to collect process data for process mining and process analysis. Continue reading