Developing a Real-Time Data Acquisition System for Automatic Process Measurement

As the population aging is a global and unalterable trend, and the whole society is lacking of productive workforce to provide healthcare services, there is a pressure to develop smart services to support the elderly persons live a more independent life and improve the quality of open healthcare. This paper combines together the concepts of smart living environment and process management, we discuss a novel method called automatic process measurement that uses wireless technologies to collect process data for process mining and process analysis. Besides, this paper presents the real-time data acquisition system that is capable of measuring elderly people’s behavior and nurse’s behavior. We apply the system to three Linux-based platforms and evaluate it in laboratory and practical environment. The proposed system fulfills the measurement needs of collecting process data for automatic process modeling.

Zhang, Y., Martikainen, O., Pulli, P. and Naumov, V., Developing a  Real-Time Data Acquisition System for Automatic Process Measurement,  International Workshop on Health and Well-being Technologies and Services for Elderly (HWTS 2011), Oulu

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